We offer three types of packages:

  • Consulting

  • Day of Coordination

  • Full Service Destination Wedding Planning



Consulting packages consist of sessions to develop wedding design ideas, confirming or suggesting vendor or venue choices and ensuring that the client is on track and has not forgotten anything. These types of meetings usually take place early in the planning process and can be held virtually, by phone or in person. Consulting package fee ranges from $60 - $150 per hour.


Day of Coordination

Day of Coordination is for brides who want full responsibility for planning their own wedding, but could still use a helping hand on their wedding day.  This package is typically booked well in advance (6 to 8 months) of the wedding, but wedding planner does not get involved until 1-2 weeks prior to wedding day. Services include:

  • Creating a detailed timeline

  • Contacting vendors for formal introductions

  • Checking timelines confirming day of contact information

  • Reviewing copies of all contracts to clarify all contractual obligations of all vendors

  •  In charge of running the wedding rehearsal

  • Ensures everything runs smoothly the day of the wedding

Day of Coordination packages cost can vary widely depending on the location, the size of the wedding and if there are two locations. A Day of Coordination package can start from $800. Locations outside of the United States prices can start from $2,000.

A wedding of 200+ guest prices start from $1,500. Locations outside of the United States prices can start from $4,000.

*Weddings of 100+ guest will require a Wedding Assistant, which will increase the overall cost of the package.

Full Service Destination Wedding Planning

The Dream Package…

In this package, the wedding planner is practically running the show from conception to execution. Full service includes:

·       Recommending the vendors

·       Working with the bride in planning the décor, flowers, linens, rentals and printed materials

·       All services included in the Day of Coordination package

A Full Service Wedding package ranges from $3,000-$10,000. Locations outside the United States, packages can start from $6,000.


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