The Northern Africa Experience!

The world is such a huge mystery with so many places to explore! A kind of mystery designed to be explored and conquered for the extreme travelers. Come and See Morocco!

Morocco offers plenty of amazing places to visit starting with the Casablanca. Casablanca is a bustling city with various entertainment and street vendors. After Casablanca you will want to head to the town of Rabat to visit the Royal Palace and ancient ruins of Chellah. The views of the Ruins are a must see!

But wait…there’s more to see…The Medina which is a city with Fez. The Medina is home to approximately 250,000 Moroccans. The Medina is filled with fresh fruits & spices, pure Argan oil, handmade carpets and of course leather! Yes, you can get your own handmade leather purse, shoes, belts and Jackets made.

You can’t visit Morocco without visiting the Red City! Marrakesh! Marrakesh is one of the best cities in Morocco. It has great restaurants, a variety of entertainment and night life. During your stay in Marrakesh you can indulge yourself with listening to the rhythms in the Square (Shopping center filled with street vendors and restaurants/cafes) and watching the belly dancers at the upscale restaurant called the Taj Mahal. Marrakesh offers a host of activities ranging from live street music, horse-drawn carriage rides, belly dancing performance and historical site tours.

Helpful tips and things to do:

·         Try to visit Casablanca, Rabat, Fez and Marrakesh

·         Take a city tour of Casablanca and Rabat

·         Visit the Medina in Fez

·         Enjoy a dinner show with live music and belly dancers in Marrakesh

·         Don’t leave Morocco without trying Moroccan mint tea

·         Must try Moroccan Chicken Tagine (Lemon and olives)

Coupled with historical background Morocco makes a certain place more enticing to visit first-hand and beyond word of mouth and reviews.  To see it is to believe it! Come and Explore Morocco!

Letta Washington – Travelista Goddess, Inc.