Croatia, with its plentiful remnants from ancient history is a perfect destination for a honeymoon. Croatia is home to innumerable destinations, this place makes couples feel at home as the people have a politesse culture.  The Small coastal towns with their red rooftops and labyrinthine streets, legends and stories interwoven in the history of the country and stunning examples of unparalleled natural beauty serve as the perfect backdrop for couples searching for romance-infused ambiance.

If you are searching for the most romantic place in Croatia, look no further…  Zadar home to the most spectacular sunset on the Croatian coast, but the light installment Sun Salutation and the magical Sea Organ create the perfect romantic ambiance. In addition, in Zadar you can also find a sphinx from Egypt that supposedly grants love wishes. If you are looking for romance, you’ve just found the perfect place!

Moreover, Croatia has is an elegant peace of jewel tucked away and waiting for you to discover! The breathtaking scenery and cultural rich history, and finest restaurants are more reasons to come visit Croatia! 

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